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Entanet boasts of sales team channel experience

Entanet has revealed the number of years its sales team have collectively notched up working with the channel

Sometimes it can feel as if staying in a job too long is some sort of failure and the future of the workplace is going to be dominated by millennials doing short stints to build up a compelling CV.

But there is plenty that can be said for experience and connectivity specialist Entanet is keen to boast about the years serving the channel that its sales team has under their belts.

The firm has revealed that it has started the year with a 19 strong sales team that has a combined 107 years working with the channel.

Paul North, sales manager at Entanet, who has been with the firm for more than a decade, said that it was a result of a few factors, including the determination to keep developing staff.

“Entanet has a reputation for recruiting and retaining the best talent. That’s down to our commitment to career development, giving staff responsibility and promoting from within. This provides consistency and enables us to build strong relationships with our partners," he said.

"The care and loyalty shown by our staff and the expertise they’ve developed over the years in designing solutions, which are often extremely complex and involve multiple technologies, is one of the main reasons for our continued success,” he added.

As well as developing the careers of existing employees the firm has an eye on the future and last month welcomed in its first wave of apprentices.

The scheme, being run in conjunction with the Telford College of Arts and Technology, saw four apprentices join to work in the customer services and technical support core areas of Entanet's business.

The expectation is that the first four apprentices will be followed by more if the scheme proves to be a success and the firm will continue to bring in fresh talent.

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