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Users are still worried about cloud security

Worries about cloud security and data privacy remain a stumbling block for cloud adoption

If you had been a recent visitor to some industry trade shows or spent sometime in the company of a vendor that derives most of its revenues from hosted services you might have been told that security, one of the traditional hurdles to cloud adoption, had been overcome.

The mantra has been that all of those old fears about data integrity have been overcome through better technology and now even the ultra cautious financial sector is embracing cloud.

Before everyone gets carried away and assumes that the security argument has been won those selling cloud services need to be aware it is still a problem out on the doorsteps of corporate customers.

Figures out from Netwrix found that 70% of IT professionals worldwide still listed security and privacy of data as their top concerns, which was up on the 63% last year.

As a result the favoured strategy from customers (55%) was to follow a hybrid cloud strategy to make sure they could keep a better grip on data security.

Insufficient security mechanisms was also the top reason for cloud adoption being held back, followed by cost and then lack of compliance gurantees.

"The 2016 survey has revealed that despite cloud providers trying hard to secure the cloud environments, the majority of IT pros are still not convinced that the technology is safe enough," said said Alex Vovk, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix.

"Lack of visibility is the primary reason why security remains the top cloud-related challenge for many organizations," he added.

Taking the decision to avoid going for the cloud is not an option though with the consequences for those advise it being  negative for the business.

"If we are the company that says slow down [when it comes to cloud adoption] we will be left behind," said NetApp founder Dave Hitz at a session at NetApp Insight in Berlin.

There are a growing number of solutions out there for resellers to offer, including Netwrix's, but increasingly security is moving into the cloud to protect the data in that environment.

Cloud Distribution has just signed up cloud-based security player Cyren, which protects against threats lurking in web and email traffic.

“Right now the market is moving security into the cloud and this presents a massive opportunity for our partners. Businesses need to protect themselves from Internet threats, as their data and applications move to the cloud, employees are more mobile than ever before, and cyber-attacks are growing more sophisticated," said Adam Davison, director, Cloud Distribution.

"Traditional appliance-based security solutions are failing to protect organisations from these threats because of limited compute capacity and the limited scope of on-premise protection," he added.

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