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Oracle on the hunt for IaaS specialists

As it expands its public cloud ambitions Oracle is looking for more partners that have a background in selling infrastructure as a service

Oracle is on the hunt for partners that can take its infrastructure as a service offering out to market as it looks to expand beyond its traditional user base.

The firm used is recent OpenWorld event to outline ambitions to be a major player in the public cloud space and its IaaS products formed a major part of that strategy.

But in order to ensure it is reaching the maximum amount of customers the vendor has recognised that it will need to bring in some new blood and partners that have a background in IaaS.

Its current partner base of around 1,000 across the UK and Ireland are in a strong position to handle SaaS and PaaS customer demands but there is a feeling that some additional expertise is needed on the IaaS front.

Simon Hill, head of UK&I alliances and channels at Oracle, said that in order to achieve the sort of growth it wanted it had to work with partners.

"What we need to do is to make sure that not only are we targeting our existing customer via our existing partners around that infrastructure, but also we are now in a position through IaaS to do something different, that we have never done with on-premise, which is to target not only the Oracle workloads but also the non-Oracle workloads as well," he said.

"From a SaaS perspective we arre three or four years into our strategy and that is an estabished ecosystem," he added "if you take PaaS and IaaS we are building a market place and an ecosystem in that space."

Hill said the first action was to take the current partners into those product areas but it was also opening the door for more to sign up with Oracle.

"Particularly with the IaaS we are agressively looking to recruit new partners. There are lot out there that are mature on IaaS and have a broad annuity base across that space and we want those to adopt our integrated stack," he said.

Distribution is going to play a crucial role in identifying some of those fresh partnerships over the next few months and Hill said it was its remit to bring on board some fresh talent.

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