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Legacy and price arguments must be overcome for UC to flourish

The channel needs to push harder against price and sweating asset arguments to get more customers to adopt UC

There has been plenty of talk around how the channel has been able to successfuly pitch unified comms technology to the SME sector.

But perhaps not all is as rosy as it seems with many customers, of all shapes and sizes, opting to sweat their current legacy assets before making a move towards a cloud-based alternative.

Nobody likes to be told that they need to replace existing kit but there are some in the channel prepared to warn customers that delaying the transition to the cloud is not a straightforward decision.

Some money and upheaval might be saved but with the competition embracing UC there is a danger that sticking with legacy kit will undermine competitiveness.

That is certinaly the view from Annodata, which is banging the drum about the benefits of the latest technology.

“Adopting UC cloud services can afford organisations many benefits, so it makes good business sense to ensure that an organisations’ IT strategy considers this transition or certainly begins putting the appropriate steps in place to ensure a seamless adoption process. UC enables organisations to stay lean, agile and responsive by optimising how they connect and collaborate across voice, video and data," said Rod Tonna-Barthet, CEO of Annodata.

“One of the major barriers to adoption is that organisations feel they have to sweat their historic investment in legacy technology. Undoubtedly, businesses should always aim to get the best performance from their existing estates and it may be tempting to hang on to old equipment for as long as possible. But this is a false economy. Legacy systems can be a drain on the IT department and maintaining these can be cumbersome and expensive, impairing an organisation’s growth," he added.

There are also concerns that some customers might have focused their attention on price and used that as a reason to delay UC adoption.

Paul Gibbs, sales director at TelcoSwitch, said that there was more to looking at the price tag and the channel needed to sell the value of integrating services under a single platform as a reason for users to move to UC.

“For the end-user, having this ease-of-service is a vital differentiator and is likely to prove critical when looking to stay ahead of competitors and demonstrate a clearly progressive approach to UC within your organisation,” he said.

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