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Exclusive Group delivers strong H1

The global distributor continues to enjoy strong revenue growth and is working hard to keep its value added culture intact

Exclusive Group has produced another strong set of growth numbers to cover the first six months of 2016 and it remains on track to keep to its target of doubling revenue every two years.

The firm has seen its revenue increase by 60% in the first half to €575m with all parts of the business and regions chipping in to keep the numbers heading in the right direction.

The first half has seen the data centre and software defined operation BigTec and the Exclusive Networks cyber security business continue to improve their fortunes. There has also been a benefit from the Exclusive Capital arm and the take-up of the services that its ITEC operation can provide.

Barrie Desmond, chief operating officer at Exclusive Group, said that the foundaton of the firm was the people and it was working hard to make sure that the spirit

We are trying to do what no one has done before, which is to continue to be relevant and special in the UK, France and Germany and Vietnam now and Inidia, Austraolia but highly attuned to the local marklet and continue to offer value based services," he said.

"The challenge is to try to scale without diluting the customer experience - the vendor and reseller and systems integrator," he added.

As the distributor increases in size there is not only the struggle to ensure the culture remains aligned around the core values that were there from the start but also to identify new growth opportunities.

In terms of the values the firm provides staff with the L'Esprit Exclusive handbook that outlines the formula that has kept the business growing.

In terms of identifying areas for expansion the one getting the most attention is services, with the aim to build on the distributor's experience with BigTec and cyber security, which has seen them already provide solutions that the channel can take out to customers.

Dave Ellis, who joined the firm in May as director of global services, said that resellers expected it to carry out due diligence on vendors and technologies and come up with solutions that they could take out to users.

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