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NetApp hoping flash cost arguments can be overcome

Storage player continues to provide channel with information to counter customer flash cost concerns

There is a slight problem with flash storage and the perception of cost and it is preventing more resellers from successfully selling the technology.

Although most businesses appreciate the benefits that flash can deliver, in terms of speed and reliability, there are still problems with the costs.

The storage technology has become more reasonable but the idea that it costs a fortune is one that lingers on and is an issue for both storage vendors and resellers alike.

One of those trying to get a firm handle on just what is happening on the ground is NetApp and it continues to share research about just why customers are struggling to embrace flash.

Earlier in the month NetApp revealed that a lack of awareness and worries about cost were keeping customers from signing off the flash purchase orders and it is still banging the drum on the issue.

Laurence James, NEMEA products, alliances and solutions manager at NetApp, said that the arguments for cost could be turned around.

“Historically, the capital cost has been a barrier to investments in Flash, but it is clear that the operating cost benefits, improved reliability and availability make Flash a compelling proposition," he said.

“Our research shows that while the business value of Flash in terms of performance and responsiveness is understood by IT decision makers, education on the true value of Flash needs to continue further up the chain. Flash is a long-term investment that can transform business performance and should not be analysed in terms of capital investment alone," he added.

The cost issue is one that is on display most of all in the mid-market and in terms of verticals the arts and culture, HR and sales, media and marketing were most hesitant.

The vendor will be hoping that the channel will be able to make that sort of argument and get more flash sales flowing. NetApp recently saw its global position in the flash market rise to second from fifth and it has ambitions to get the top spot.

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