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3CX finds data resellers first to get software PBX potential

Usually it is the comms channel that gets involved with PBX solutions but in the case of a software-based option the data players saw the potential first

When you talk to a PBX specialist about their route to market the answer usually involves them talking about comms resellers and a battle to try to recruit the data players.

That has not been the case with 3CX, which is a software PBX player, because it came to the market with a different technology that was embraced by the data channel before the comms specialists opts to move away from just selling hardware products.

The hardware might have been a lot more expensive and the software option, based on open standards and much better value, but more customers have switched away from using their legacy phone systems.

As a result firms like 3CX find themselves in the midst of a channel expansion , looking for partners that can take their product out to a fairly sizeable market.

Nick Galea co-founder and CEO of 3CX, said that from the start the idea of a software-based PBX had been grasped by the data channel and it had proved to be a popular addition for Microsoft resellers.

“Telecom companies came to it a bit later and started to get into IP and IT when the pressure increased,” he said.

With more convergence the voice and data channels are merging together and at the same time the customer base is also opening up.

“We have always been very strong in the mid market, the first ones that took the product on were in the manufacturing sector, but now we are also getting into other verticals, like the legal sector,” said Galea.

He said that there was plenty of opportunities out there for the channel because there was a sizeable number of users still using legacy PBX systems that would be making a move soon.

As well as those legacy customers there are also some first generation software-based PBX adopters that are now looking for an upgrade.

“Traditional PBX is still being swapped out and the installed base is very large,” he said.

“Partners still have to do quite a lot of education but when it comes to IP and software-based PBX and private cloud the customer understands,” he added​

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