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Toshiba confident of working with channel to root out PC sales

The hardware player has provided some more commentary around its corporate ambition to grow business PC sales

Setting out a goal to grow the business in the corporate PC space is a pretty brave ambition given the performance of that sector over the last few years.

The timing of Toshiba's ambitions to take share in the business PC market in its next fiscal year raised  a few eyebrows, particularly as it was followed a couple of days later by Gartner numbers showing the seventh consecutive quarter of declines.

But those masterminding the strategy at Toshiba are far from downhearted and accept that there are 'challenges' along with plenty of opportunity.

Neil Bramley, B2B PC business unit director at Toshiba Northern Europe, said that it felt that there was a chance to carve out sales in the high-end of the market and with new IoT products coming down the pipeline things would get even more interesting in the future.

The key to unlocking that potential is for resellers to get close to customers to find out the needs of today and assist with the demands of the future.

“There are growth opportunities out there,” said Bramley “We have a high emphasis on engagement with clients to understand their needs and propose the right solution.”

“On the PC device itself we want to engage and create demand,” he added “Only six months ago we doubled the range of B2B devices.”

As well as producing more high-end PC products Toshiba is also looking to widen its portfolio and Bramley said that the introduction of a zero client was part of a strategy to tap into emerging business needs.

“There is an opportunity for different end point devices and IoT devices will drive growth for ourselves and our partners,” he said.

In response to the suggestion that the recent figures from Gartner indicated that the state of the PC market was tough Bramley echoed Lenovo’s assertions that there is still life in the market.

“Our business is still prospering well in a challenging market and we have grown the business,” he said.

The launch of the mobile zero client, which should appeal to those that have been looking for a laptop like product that comes without an operating system of HDD, with everything coming via the cloud.

 Bramley said that the launch of new products would provide it with the chance to add some fresh blood to its partner programme, with virtualisation specialists now being the skills it is looking for.​

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