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WatchGuard highlights channel opportunities in mid market

Security player is investing in partners to make sure they can take advantage of the interest in the vendor from larger customers

WatchGuard is planning to work closely with its channel partners as it targets more of the mid-market as it starts to expand beyond its SME roots.

The security specialist has noticed that its sales into the 'M' of SME have been rising and has recently expanded its direct touch team to drive more business from that sector to channel partners.

The firm's roots are traditionally in the small businessn sector with its firewall and UTM products but it has found that as it has expanded is product portfolio to include wireless protection and advanced persistent threat prevention it has attracted larger enterprises.

Jonathan Whitley, area sales director for Northern Europe at WatchGuard, said that it was working with the channel to make sure partners could also take advantage of the trend.

"We have always been focused on SMB but now to SME and the distributed enterprise and we are attracting some slightly bigger customers," he added "The channel needs a little bit more help form us."

"SME requirements are as high as the enterprise," he added "As the security pie gets bigger and bigger it gets much harder [for smaller firms] to manage."

As well as the products helping it open up the mid market Whitley added that there were real concerns among customers about ransomware, with more being hit by it, and that was also driving investments.

"There is a growth in ransomware. It has always been an issue but the perception was that it was targeted on the large enterprises and not the small guys. But they are being targeted as well," he said.

For some of those hit by ransomware the threats have been that their data will be deleted or it could be sent to competitors if they fail to pay up. With most ransoms in Bitcoins it has proved to be very difficult to track the cuplrits down.

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