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Mid market complains of confusing digital transformation support

The mid-market is struggling to find channel specialists that can help them with the cloud and digital transformation projects according to The Bunker

The idea that perhaps those leading you on the digital transformation journey might not be quite up to the job is not a new concept but is one that is gathering some pace.

Earlier this year Gartner warned the channel that unless they were able to prove they had the ability to change their own businesses then customers were unlikely to believe they were the right choice to help them with that challenge.

Speaking back in April, Claudio Da Rold, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, said that the customers accepted they had to change and now it was the moment for the channel to also step up.

"We anticipate that three out of four organizations will be at some level of bimodal maturity by 2017. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for providers' ability to aggressively transform into organizations that are able to respond to the needs of agile, bimodal enterprises," he added.

Now more research from data centre specialist The Bunker has been added to underline just how important it is for the channel to deliver solid services around the cloud and digital technologies.

The Bunker found that 44% of those firms it spoke to had blamed bad advice from suppliers as a contributing factor to explain why their moves into the cloud failed.

The firm focused on the mid-market and found that 70% of firms in that segment had experienced some type of failure, whether it be a failed cloud migration or a project stalling. Some of the specific problems were around confusing or incorrect advice.

Even with problems that were sparked by external suppliers the customers had little choice but to continue to use specialists because of a lack of in-house skills.

“Many IT leaders are challenged because they lack previous experience in bringing the cloud into their organisation and there are many providers that are poor when it comes to effective delivery,” said Phil Bindley, CTO of the Bunker.

“We believe that the disconnect that exists between organisations and the advice they receive externally from consultancies and key suppliers demonstrates the importance of working with the right partners to develop a hybrid cloud strategy that is both deliverable and properly aligned with the needs of the business,” he added.

Despite the problems some customers faced Bindley said that the research also indicated that there was an ongoing appetite to use external help and those channel experts that could get the cloud message right would be able to reap the rewards.

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