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Lowe maps out channel role for Silicon:SAFE

Security industry veteran Nick Lowe is involving the channel with his latest role at Silicon:SAFE

Former senior Check Point and Appsense staffer Nick Lowe has moved away from enjoying a fairly comfortable senior role in an established vendor for a more challenging life at a start-up.
The security veteran is now CEO of an organisation with 11 staff, a product that is days old and using $1m seeding funding that is helping it grow the business.
UK firm Silicon:SAFE works on the premise that some critical pieces of customer information, like passwords, credit card details, passport numbers etc are better off stored in a place where they cannot be accessed by hackers. Given the information changes fairly infrequently there is a strong case for making sure it does not sit on a retailer's server somewhere waiting to be exploited.
Recent cases with Talk Talk, LinkedIn and others have highlighted just how difficult it has been for some of the large retailers to keep customer details secure.

"If we are going to be successful as security professionals then we need to put data into an environment where it can't be accessed. It is a fundamentally different approach.

Biometric information, passwords, credit cards don't need to be kept in a place where they can be easily downloaded," he said.
Lowe is not only pushing the Silicon:SAFE Password Protect appliance but is doing so via the channel in a belief that this the indirect model is the best way to go to market from the very start.

"We will be 100% channel and the product will go through the classic cyber security channel and the security boutiques," he added "We will bring more partners on board as it goes on."
The first reseller to sign up is Nebulas and Nick Garlick, the firm's managing director, said that it believed that the technology could make a difference to customers.
“In conversation with some of our customers we had strong feedback – ‘if they can get this to market and it does what they say, they may be onto something’. Having seen it in the flesh, they have achieved what they said.   It could change the landscape for how companies store personal identity information," he said.

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