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Autotask aiming to make life easier for MSPs

Autotask believes a move to unify its systems should make life a lot easier for MSPs

The managed services market has undergone changes over the last few years as more of the channel have looked to increase that side of the business and customers have adopted more of the cloud-based offerings that have emerged.

As well as leading to an expansion of the market in terms of user adoption and MSP numbers it has also been a challenge for those firms that have provided the underpinning technology that a managed service provider can use to monitor customer environments to also adapt.

Having established the management and monitoring tools the vendors that operated in that space then had to react to mobile and the BYOD explosion that meant it became a lot harder to get a handle on a customer's infrastructure.

Having done that the next phase was to make life simpler and Autotask has made moves in that direction creating a unified RMM and PSA platform that means that a MSP can get access to a single real-time view of everything that is happening across the endpoints and combining that with intelligence about system performance to help reduce alerts.

Ian Van Reenen, vice president of engineering, Endpoint Products, Autotask, said that the ability to connect to a device from within a ticket would reduce response times and increase efficiency.

"Unified dashboards and consolidated alert backlogs provide more visibility and a better understanding of customer environments and current operational status. Automated device discovery and contract assignment increases revenues and profitability. While preconfigured dashboards and a streamlined setup process allow users to take advantage of the solution and maximise how they use it in their business," he said.

He added that partners had been asking for help in reducing their operational overheads and a unified platform would increase efficiency, providing more opportunities to gain more business.

"We have eliminated the complicated, time-consuming and outmoded ways of working with these two systems to provide enhanced capabilities and one complete view of information via a single interface. It’s dynamic and provides levels of efficiency that are unmatched by any other integration effort," he said.

The expectation from Van Reenen is that not only will the latest developments attract more partners to the fold but it will help support the move by more partners to increase the managed services they offer.

"The unification of PSA and RMM that we’re delivering meets how the role of MSPs is evolving as they focus on being proactive, making strategic recommendations to their end-clients and enhancing their overall service delivery and customer experience. We give them what they need to effectively manage and advise end-clients on how to optimise their entire IT estate," he said.   

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