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SDN what? Users failing to understand latest networking tech

Most UK firms are almost completely in the dark when it comes to SDN with vast numbers failing to understand what it is or how it could improve their business

The problem with acroynms is that they whizz by in the marketing fast lane and then get replaced by another hot topic before users have even had the chance to get to grips with what it all means.

A good case in point is Software Defined Networking (SDN), which is a three letter acronymn that has been regularly featuring in channel pitches for at least the last 18 months.

Despite all of the chatter and talk about SDN it appears that the channel is still going to have to get involved with a lot of user education.

According to cloud player Exponential-e a huge number of customers are in the dark over SDN failing to understand what it is or what it could do for their business.

The promise of being able to provide a solution that will enable customers to reconfigure network services on demand is not getting through with 86% of firms not understanding SDN and 95% clueless about the improvements it could bring to the running of the business.

The problem is that the buzz around SDN has lost some of its shine and the industry marketeers are aloready on to the next big thing leaving the channel to pick up the story and help users through the confusion.

“In an innovate or fail society, an agile and responsive network is central to driving competitive advantage,” explained Chris Christou, director of engineering at Exponential-e.

“Providing a business with the ability to manage and control their Network themselves enables them to support their business internally in their drive for increased revenues," he added.

He added that the benefits of SDN were significant for those businesses that were looking for speed and flexibility and wanted to reduce downtime.

Earlier this week, Cisco kept the focus on SDN launching a range of Nexus switches that were able to support the technology with the claim of a 10x improvement in performance.

Ken Trombetta, vice president, global partner organization at Cisco, said that the latest technology would "expand the opportunity for new revenue streams and professional services for Cisco partners".

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