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Channel incentives to drive the middle

Reward programmes need to reach those in the reseller operation who are mid performers if they are going to be effective

Points mean prizes and resellers of all shapes and sizes have found themselves able to access rewards, both personal and for the business, through incentive programmes.

There have been some debates over just how to go about reaching out to the channel and some will target individuals with a catalogue of rewards that can include consumer electronics, shopping vouchers and even the chance to win holidays.

Some schemes target the business with the idea of providing the reseller’s management team with the chance to divide up the spoils.

But the pressure to get it right is something that awards specialist P&MM has identified is a pressure in the channel and as a result it has developed video guides to provide more guidance around the issue.

P&MM has worked with the likes of Sharp to develop its points scheme with the aim of getting more partners to increase their knowledge of the vendor’s product range and increase sales.

A couple of videos cover channel incentive programmes as well as employee recognition schemes with the aim of helping more resellers improve levels of motivation in their workforces.

“Engagement is broadly about getting employees onside with organisational goals. Motivation, on the other hand, sits on a solid foundation of engagement and is about firing up employees to achieve specific goals such as sales targets or service levels. HR and Marketing professionals, alongside senior management, are increasingly recognising that they need to get to grips with workforce engagement as a discrete issue,” said John Sylvester, director at P&MM.

”The truth is that performance management can still be improved. Programme administrators must be working with management to carry out basic performance management with employees – setting objectives, appraising progress, rewarding people for doing well and supporting people who need it,” he added.

The channel incentives video includes advice around encouraging staff in the middle, below the top achievers but well above those who are counting down the hours until they can leave.

The advice is to segment the middle chunk of staff and reward performance and then ideally watch the results hit the bottom line in a positive way.

A timely example of the incentive scheme in action comes from Exerts and Dell, which started a scheme last month that will run until the end of January, offering resellers the chance to win holidays.

Those that sell Dell laptops, desktops and tablets could find themselves in with a chance to go the Brazil, Italy, , Dubai, the US, Mexico or China.

“We are confident that the exclusive incentive will not just motivate our reseller partners, but will also reward them with an unforgettable trip that reflects both their hard work and their dedication to success,” said Simon Barnard, computing general manager at Exertis.​

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