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IBM, Dell and EMC partners all targets for HP Inc

Meg Whitman has used her slot speaking to analysts about the last set of results from a single HP operation to outline its aggressive plans to gain more partners from rivals

Hewlett Packard Inc has been exploiting the uncertianty in the channel caused by the moves of some of its rivals to try and lure concerned resellers to its partner ranks.

The vendor has been targeting IBM resellers after Big Blue sold its x86 server business to Lenovo and has already had some wins poaching some talent and is also going to be honing in on Dell and EMC partners with that mega deal between the two vendors looming.

The disclosure around the determination to gain more skilled server channel partners was made in the first market update given by Meg Whitman, president and CEO of HP Enterprise, and Dion Weisler, CEO of HP Inc, to analysts to accompany the release of the first set of quarterly results for the split business.

"We've been very successful actually at taking server share as the IBM server business migrated over to Lenovo. We've actually been very good at taking share and also gaining formally our former IBM channel partners, so we’ve been very aggressive there," said Whitman.

"As the Dell-EMC merger creates uncertainty in the marketplace, we obviously want to be aggressive there talking about the future of the company, the future of our server business and of course, the future of storage and networking, which we feel like we're in really great shape, as I said our innovation engine is humming," she added.

On the PC front the firm recognised that the competition from some of the other giants in the jungle was having an impact but it had been busy in its fourth fiscal quarter making sure that it could reduce inventory levels in the channel.

"I would say, generally speaking, the PC market continues to be tough and consolidation continues to happen. The big four are getting bigger than else at a 62.5% of the total overall market and growing. And I think we've been pretty predictable over the course of the last two years not taking share for share sake. We did grow in all three regions to 19.7% overall," said Weisler.

"So I think we continue to execute as we said we would, we continue to segment the market, drive to where the heat is in the market, drive cost out," he added "Make sure our channel inventory and particularly aged inventory is well under control."

That inventory of Windows 8 machines remains high across the industry but is something that the vendor is taking action over to make sure the channel is not left with aging hardware on its hands.

Both firms delivered the results together because for the fourth fiscal quarter they had been operating as a single entity but going forward both HP Enterprise and HP Inc will report seperately.

The last set of results for HP as a single company showed that in its Q4, ended 31 October, it delivered net revenue of $25.7bn, down by 9% compared to the same period last year and revenue of $103.4bn, a 7% drop, for the full fiscal year.

Breaking the results down the segments that make up HP Enterprise - services, software and financial services - delivered revenues of $14.1bn.

On the HP Inc side - printers, PCs and servers - the tough market conditions took their toll with revenue down 14% year-on-year to $12.7bn.

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