Newegg teams up with UKTI to give UK firms chance to shine in US

Ecommerce player Newegg is looking to add UK technology brands to its platform

The Beatles did it and so did the Rolling Stones but when it comes to the world of hardware and components it is slightly harder for British firms to crack America and become top of the sales charts.

One of the problems is the sheer size of the market means that pitching up and trying to make an investment in staff and office space to get quick results can be a painful process stretching resources to the limit.

One of the alternatives is to work with some of the trade bodies that are out there to help British firms fly the flag for homegrown innovation and gain business from abroad.

The latest scheme from the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is to help firms that are selling home grown technology products to get access to US commerce giant Newegg.

UKTI will work with brands here and then take them to Newegg, which will list them on its website and offer them to millions of potential customers across the US.

Six firms have signed up so far, including navigation product specialist Navi-Tech, and more are expected to try and take advantage of the partnership between UKTI and Newegg to get access to a significant market. There are around 30 British firms in total on the platform.

Denise Harris-Williams, Director of UKTI E-Exporting Programme, said that the First from Europe programme with Newegg should provide UK brands and retailers following in the footsteps of other firms and striking out across the pond.

From a Newegg perspective the move not only provides it with a chance to add some more products to its commerce platform but also adds some weight to its own claims that it is keen to look beyond its home market to grow its activities in other geographies.

“We want to bring these new manufacturers and their innovative products to the US market,” said Soren Mills, global general manager, eCommerce and member of the board of Newegg.

“We are selling into the UK but we also want to provide our customer base in the US with the best products and want to grow the platform and the UK has tons of great brands and innovation,” he added.

“We want to provide a great experience to the customer and want to bring a brand assortment and provide a chance for all innovative products to get on the platform,” said Mills.

As things stand the products will be added but there could be plans to flag them up as being from the UK and part of the programme and Newegg has plans to make more out of the UKTI relationship on the marketing side.

In the past there have been some efforts coordinated by the US Embassy in London to try to and reach out to UK channel firms to help them get a foothold in the US market and there has been a degree of success in removing the barriers to entry that comes from working with a government agency.​

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