Exclusive aims to boost finance spending after strong Q1

Pan European distributor Exclusive Group has delivered a strong first quarter and will acquire in the UK this year

The ambition of breaking through the billion euro revenue mark is still looking odds on for distribution player Exclusive Group after the channel firm delivered a strong performance in its first quarter.

The business, which includes Exclusive Networks, Big Technology and Exclusive Capital, produced a 56% increase in revenues to €173m from the same quarter a year earlier with the UK generating the most growth, 60% up from 2014.

The distributor has been developing its business, expanding the territories that its distribution arm Exclusive Networks and datacentre transformation specialist Big Technology operate in and has also been fine tuning its finance operation in France.

Plans for the year ahead include expanding the Big Technology footprint out of the six countries it currently operates in to try to match the coverage that has been built up by Exclusive Networks.

But there will also be investments made in the UK this year on the capital side as that part of the business starts to move out of France and into other key European markets.

Exclusive Capital acquired Fibail System in January to provide finance and credit in France and Olivier Breittmayer, CEO of Exclusive Group, said that expansion via acquisition were its plans for setting a similar operation up in the UK and Germany.

"We have an acquisition strategy on Capital for this year and want to target UK and Germany," he said that because of the nature of finance buying an established specialist with detailed market and country knowledge made sense.

He thanked the strength of the security market for helping produce a first quarter that exceeded its expectations and added that developing its services capabilities was also having a positive impact.

"The cyber security market is very dynamic. Most of our vendors did very well and took market share from the competition and have grown very fast. We are also focused on services  and value and we have good success," he said.

He added that he expected the rest of the fiscal year would continue to build on the first three months because, "Q1 always gives a good indication of the year so we are feeling positive".

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