TmaxSoft partners with Prestige Systems in latest channel play

The middleware vendor has partnered with reseller Prestige Systems as it attempts to bring its relational database management system to the masses

TmaxSoft today announced a new partnership with Prestige Systems, in its latest attempt to beat Oracle at its own game.

The South Korean middleware player, which only recently entered the UK market, has partnered with the HP Value Added Reseller in an effort to spread the good word about its giant-slaying relational database management system – TIBERO.

“One of the biggest drains on IT spend is the maintenance and support of existing applications,” said Joe Kim, managing director, TmaxSoft UK. “Those using Oracle databases have little option but to keep handing money over, and hope and pray their existing hardware infrastructure can handle the application, while at the same time hoping that they do not end up in an under licensed situation, which is very often caused by the complexity of the Oracle licensing model in the first place.”

TmaxSoft was founded in 1997 and has since managed to become quite a tour de force in its domestic market, with a 40% share of the Web Application Server (WAS) market. Last year, the vendor said that its aim was to establish itself as one of the top global software vendors by 2015 through key partnerships.

“Our primary focus is the data centre itself and technologies that reside within the data centre,” said Darren Ellis of Prestige Systems. “We consolidate infrastructure from the wider enterprise back to where it belongs, in the data centre, with no reduction to the end user experience.”

“TIBERO therefore appealed to us as it is an ‘Oracle-compatible’ database that gives users the freedom of choice to retain their investment with the same expected levels of performance, familiar interface; but under much more agreeable costs, flexible licensing terms and without the amount of risk associated with changing to another vendor or even open source.”

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