NTT Coms exposes cloud transformation problems

Users might well understand the cloud is a growing part of the their IT budgets but few have a strategy to deal with it and find the current landscape confusing

More firms will be using the cloud as a platform for their applications in the next few years but there are still many that have yet to work out how they will get from their current on-site set-up to the future.

The danger is that the current number of business users that believe the cloud is not reaching its full potential will continue to rise as users struggle with disparate platforms and complicated app migration.

Findings from NTT Communications have highlighted an existing problem that looks set to get worse with its Cloud Reality Check 2015 report revealinjg that the IT budgets alloated to the cloud will increase by 9% over the next three years to reach 27%.

A fifth of those quizzed by the channel firm revealed that they had no timeline for moving their applications into the cloud, despite the awareness that the pressure to do something was mounting.

Some of the reasons why thingsv are being delayed could perhaps include the fact that 41% of customers admit to find dealing with cloud vendors confusing and on average they are already trying to get the best out four different hosted platforms.

There appears to be confusion around which apps are best suited to the cloud and in some cases the decision has been made to rule out transitioning applications altogether.

Len Padilla, vice president product strategy at NTT Com, said that the cloud was often a complex world for customers: “Our study shows the reality of cloud in 2015 is potentially as complex as the world it was supposed to replace. ICT decision-makers harbor significant frustrations over cloud, and there are no clear answers over which kinds of applications belong where."

The answer was for those channel players working with customers around cloud to provide a smoother migration path from the data centre to the cloud and plans needed to be made to help those plans come to fruition.

“ICT decision-makers see the cloud as a compelling enabling technology for digital transformation – there’s no better way to take a new app from the sandbox to global production quickly.  However, our study suggests focusing on ambitious plans is not the best approach.  Focusing on continuous improvement and incremental steps is a far more effective strategy," added Padilla.

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