Lizard Squad hack Lenovo's website

PR nightmare continues as is hijacked by pesky Lizard Squad

Lenovo’s week has gone from bad to worse, as details continue to emerge of the attack on the company’s website.

Starting at 9pm GMT, visitors to were redirected to a slideshow of images, mostly of a teenager, accompanied by the song ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical.

Within the source code of the seized site, the hackers wrote, ‘the new and improved rebranded Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey’. Godfrey and Kind are both associated with the hacker group Lizard Squad, responsible for the attacks on the Sony and Microsoft gaming networks over Christmas.

Andrew Hay, director of security research at OpenDNS , was the first to confirm that Lizard Squad was using Digital Ocean's Netherlands data centre for hosting the attacks. He pointed out that the attack used the same registrar,, that was implicated in the redirect earlier this week.

"Two defacements in a single week is normally nothing, but two extremely high-profile defacements from the same registrar in the same week is a definite trend. We may see more redirections of domains that were registered with in the coming days."

There is nothing to suggest that Lizard Squad, who are thought to be relatively rudimentary hackers, gained access to Lenovo’s internal network. However, with Lenovo still reeling from the Superfish PR disaster, the attack keeps an uncomfortable spotlight firmly on the Chinese computer maker.

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