IoT and phablets set to dominate MWC

With just a few days to go before Mobile World Congress the predictions of what to expect are already stacking up

With Mobile World Congress looming on the horizon the predicitions of what might be the trend setting technologies in the world of mobility have already started to stack up.

Some of them are fairly easy to speculate about and some strain should be showing on the faces of tablet and smart phone specialists as the market continues to struggle around those for factors.

In an attempt to drum up some excitment there should be some more phablets on show because of the increasing preference from customers for larger screened smartphones.

There is also bound to be plenty of talk of wearables at next week's event with a range of fitness and health options on show. At this stage it's hard to see what the channel oppiortunity is but if users plan to bring them into work and connect them to the network then there could well be bandwitdh and security options there.

Where channel ears will prick up is around the discussion on the Internet of Things. Most of the major vendors are already positioning themselves to have an IoT play to make sure they can sieze the high ground as that market opportunity starts to take on a more defined shape.

“The face of the Internet of Things will be more prevalent than ever this year as future-gazing gives way to real implementations. This will change the way businesses operate – with intelligent pipelines in utilities, to industrial equipment sharing performance data.  We’ll also see an increase in consumers who want to connect their intelligent devices," said Tom Loozen, managing director, global communications industry at Accenture.

"For consumers, in particular,  navigating through the digital ecosystem can be challenging, which we believe can create opportunities for communications services providers to help consumers find their way through the ecosystem by enabling intelligent devices to work together effectively.  As a result, we’re going to see some interesting partnerships emerging at MWC. Pioneering companies are tapping into a broad array of other digital businesses, digital customers and even devices to create new digital ecosystems," he added.

Accenture is also expecting a discussion at MWC about the future role of telco specialists, which are coming under pressure to make sure the service they deliver can cope with the demands of 4G and eventually 5G.

“The number of connected devices and Internet services is growing exponentially, bringing a huge threat to operators and their business models. In the coming years, we’ll see an increase in innovative operators transitioning into integrated digital services providers in response - providing the integration engine and customer service for a number of emerging digital ecosystems serving connected devices, turning vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence and value chain prominence," said Sef Tuma, managing director for media & entertainment at Accenture.

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