Brits think ICT is more important than maths and English, survey finds

A survey carried out by Crucial found that two-thirds of people rank ICT as one of the most important subjects in the classroom

Brits believe that ICT lessons are more important than traditional subjects like maths, English and science, according to new research published by Crucial.

The memory vendor surveyed over 1,100 Britons aged between 16-55, asking them to rank the three subjects they felt were most important. More than two thirds (68%) believed learning how to use a computer was a critical aspect of learning. None of the three subjects that have served as the foundation of education since the 19th century managed to achieve the same level of support. Maths placed second with 59%, then English at 46%.  

Ironically, science - the subject that gave birth to the computer age - was more than halfway down the table, with only 25% of respondents including it as an important subject.

Over three quarters (78%) of those surveyed believed that ICT education would help children get a job later in life.

Programming became part of the curriculum last September with children from the age of five learning the fundamentals of coding. David Cameron also recently announced that there would be a GCSE in computer science launched in 2016.




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