Avnet encourages channel to brush up on data centre skills

With more customers looking for help with data centre infrastructure and software defined projects the channel needs to have those skills in place for next year

Resellers need to do more to ensure that they have the right mix of skills to serve customer needs next year with data centre, software defined and security among those areas that are expected to be in high demand.

According to Dieter Lott, vice president, business development, EMEA, at Avnet Technology Solutions, there are several areas that will dominate the agenda next year and the question of skills is already a concern.

"The pace of change within data centres is spectacular and this is why software defined networking (SDN) and converged infrastructure are already key discussion points in the IT industry due to the drive for more scalable IT architectures. The convergence of data centre tech and networking tech is causing this significant market shift," he said.

"We’re experiencing a radical change in how data centre infrastructure is designed and implemented and we’re still in the early stages of adoption of these new technologies. This means there’s also a question over whether the channel has the IT skills to address market demands," he added.

There has been quite widespread coverage of the skills shortage that customers are facing and they will be turning to their trusted advisors in greater numbers to get assistance with data centre infrastructure and always on "as-a-service" models.

"In 2015, not only will the channel need to educate themselves on emerging growth markets and technologies such as SDN and converged infrastructure, but they’ll need to address skills shortages," added Lott.

He also expects security to be a major source of activity for the channel as the threats continue to develop and the pressure for firms to remain vigilant continues.

"With IDC predicting a 30% annual growth through to 2017 of smart phones purchased under a BYOD/A (bring your own device/app) approach, next year, the focus will move further into addressing security inside the firewall and not just around perimeter IT defences. Gartner, in its “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015” recently called this a “new multifaceted approach” which will lead to “new models of building security directly into applications.” Resellers will need to learn about these new approaches to address this growth area effectively and to help end user businesses overcome this huge challenge of how to secure apps," he said.

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