A third of executives are too complacent about data security

A new NTT Com Security survey has revealed that while many decision makers understand the importance of data security, a third are not committing the resources necessary to ensure it

Over 30% of senior executives are regarded as either passive or complacent when it comes to security and risk management, according to a new report published today.

The Risk:Value report from NTT Com Security surveyed 800 senior executives from eight different countries in order to get an indication of the value placed on corporate data. The survey asked two critical questions - how important data was to the organisation, and a knowledge of the proportion of IT budget spent on data security. Based on the answers, the senior executives were categorised into four different groups: Enlightened, Informed, Passive and Complacent.

While 82% of respondents understood the importance of protecting their corporate data, 31% fell into the passive or complacent categories due to their lack of knowledge or unwillingness to commit budget to security.

“It’s clear that organisational culture needs to change.,” said Simon Church, CEO, NTT Com Security. “It’s easy to think that as an industry we’re doing a good job at raising awareness of security threats just because of the headlines, but clearly it’s not enough any more to motivate organisations into action.”

“We have to reinforce the fact that security is everyone’s problem and everyone’s responsibility and to move organisations along the Risk:Value scale from Complacent to Enlightened.” 

To read the full report, click here.


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