NetSuite gunning for Sage

NetSuite has taken out adverts in national newspapers to lure customers away from its rival

There have been trade-in promotions, fear stirred after product end of life announcements and even attempts to use the press to throw mud at a rival but NetSuite has come up with something slightly different to attract Sage customers.

Anyone heading to work this morning and flicking through the pages of the Financial Times or Metro will have stumbled across an advert from NetSuite looking to tempt customers from its rival.

The advert appears in the style of a railway network map with the lines being named after Sage products, with all of the various products terminating at a NetSuite terminus. Once a customer has gone to the link in the advert the argument for making the switch includes saving money and having more efficient systems as well as taking advantage of a cloud-based system.

The decision to place the adverts, which use the tag line "Has your business come to the end of the line with Sage?" has been backed by the CEO Zach Nelson who views it as a good time to get more aggressive in the UK market.

The advert goes on to claim: "Over 500 businesses have already switched from Sage to NetSuite’s Cloud business suite to become more agile, efficient and productive."

The vendor is holding an event in London next week, SuiteConnect, and Nelson is expected to use the occasion to reveal just how many customers it has gained from its rival. and to talk up its commitment to the UK and Europe.

Adverts in national newspapers don't come without a cost and the vendor is also highlighting that willingness to spend as a further sign of its determination to increase its business in this territory.

In response, Steve Attwell, managing director of Sage’s SMB segment, pointed out that it didn't quite agree with the NetSuite advert: “In Sage’s world, businesses don’t run in a straight line and end. They adapt, evolve and grow."

"If Sage ran the underground, it wouldn’t be under the ground, it would not have an end of line and there would be no gaps to mind. You would get to your destination quicker, there would be no delays and you would get there with confidence," he added.

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