Phone, email and web chat are preferred channels for customers

New survey highlights the need for resellers to ensure they have the right channels in place for customer communication

Email and telephone are by far and away the favoured channels of communication for customers, a survey has revealed.

Mitel today released a report which found that while 47%  are happy to contact friends and family via social media, only 6% will use it to contact companies.

Email remains the strongest channel of communication, used by 79% of respondents; however, telephone grew faster than any other method, rising by 11% to 60%.

The report, entitled Multichannel Engagement: the customer-driven contact centre 2014, polled 2,000 consumers and found that there has also been a huge rise in the use of web-chat.

The report may cause resellers to pause for thought; many businesses are investing heavily in social channels, however, the data suggests that web chat and voice services should take precedence.

There is also a strong desire amongst customers to have a single point of contact, with 79% saying they would prefer to deal with just one person.

“There are some important message for businesses and contact centres to take away from the report,” Steve Powell, sales director of Contact Centre Solutions at Mitel. “While customers may have a preference for some channels over others, there has been increasing use of all communication channels over the last 12 months, and the influences on customer satisfaction are largely the same.”

“There is little excuse for any business not to understand customer demands and create a multichannel approach that delivers a high quality experience,” he added.

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