Sage and Tech Data highlight pension change opportunities

With pension auto enrolment becoming an issue for all companies Tech Data and Sage are highlighting the opportunities that should stir for resellers

Tech Data has identified the forthcoming pension law changes as a good opportunity for resellers to get in front of customers and add some value for those struggling to get to grips with the demands of auto-enrolment.

Since October 2012 large firms have been required to automatically enrol eligible employees into a pension scheme and from February 2018 that obligation will become something that all firms of every size have to adhere to.

Many firms are not waiting until the deadline arrives and some industry experts expect around 1.2m employers and a potential 11m workers to be automatically enrolled in pension schemes over the next five years.

With a need for technology to support those moves emerging as an opportunity for the channel Tech Data has joined forces with Sage to provide resellers with access to an e-learning course, which will provide them with all the information about the changes and how customers can introduce auto enrolment.

"Workplace pension law is changing, which means employers will now have new legal duties to help employees save for retirement. This will mean big changes in the way that small businesses manage their employees' pension schemes," said Nick Stancliffe, ESD business manager at Tech Data.

"The legislation carries a significant amount of administrative obligations, so businesses need to understand what auto enrolment means to them and resellers can add value [by shairing information about the online course]," he added.


For more details about the auto enrolment changes read the recent feature that covered the subject in-depth

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