XP caused refresh buoys PC market

The ongoing movement by customers away from Windows XP systems has helped the PC market deliver a strong second quarter across EMEA according to Context

The ripples from the move away from Windows XP are continuing to be felt in the PC world with the market enjoying the strongest growth rates for a couple of years as users continue to spend on hardware.

Throughout the first half of this year the PC market has been delivering the sort of growth not seen for many quarters as a result of users upgrading and refreshing PCs to move away from the unsupported Windows XP operating system.

Figures from Context, which gets access to sales figures directly from distribution, have revealed that the second quarter across EMEA saw unit sales grow by 15.6%, which was the strongest growth for two years.

Across Western Europe shipments from the top ten vendors climbed by 28% and in the UK the market increased year-on-year by 23.8%, with Germany and France also doing well with 48.5% and 13.7% growth respectively.

The fly in the ointment came in the unit sales in central and Eastern Europe, where the ongoing tension between Rusia and the Ukraine was blamed as a major factor in a 8.4% decline in PC unit sales.

Context highlighted the prospect of stock levels building up in Russia and indicated that vendors were already keeping a close eye on a situation that currently does not show much sign of changing.

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