Tech sales people can alienate and confuse customers

A sales and training expert has warned the channel that it could alienate customers if they take the wrong approach

Technology sales people across the UK are not delivering the right message to potential clients and need to rediscover fundamental sales techniques if they want to capitalise on emerging technology opportunities.

In a strongly worded statement Doug Tucker, managing director, Sales Commando, said most tech sales focused on listing technical facts which simply added to the uncertainty many potential clients feel when faced with new technologies.

He said: "Technology is developing at an unprecedented rate, in terms of R&D it is booming, and this should be great news for the consumer, tech firms and the economy.  Yet my work within the sector highlights that salespeople typically simply list technical facts to potential clients and believe that that's an effective sales method. Believe me, it isn't."

He pointed out that the golden rule of selling is first to listen to the customer and then communicate effectively. The inability to do this means the benefits of rapidly emerging technologies are not likely to be conveyed to consumers and clients. “For this to happen, tech firms need to learn how to bring their customers along with them, not alienate them at the first hurdle,"

Tucker believed most sales people took the easy way out when dealing with clients and in a comment designed to hit between the eyes said: "The easy way out of a difficult technology sales situation is by creating the magpie effect - whatever is shiniest and newest - backed up by a string of senseless jargonistic descriptions. But this, usually, only garners frustration and disillusionment amongst customers.”

"Consumers are becoming rabbits in headlights, trapped with the dazzle that is technology specification. It is the responsibility of technology salespeople to understand what a consumer wants, remove the dazzle and attend to that critical need, which surprisingly may not be the leading edge of technology."

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