Azzurri gets into managed mobility services with ICON Mobilise

Managed network and comms services provider Azzurri adds mobility to its recently-launched UCaaS package, ICON

Azzurri has added mobile security and management services to its newly-launched unified comms-as-a-service (UCaaS) package ICON, expanding the scope of the services on offer through the programme.

ICON Mobilise will allow customers to take advantage of the desirable workforce agility and productivity enhancements made possible by mobility, whilst helping then secure, manage, and maximise the value of the huge number of disparate devices and operating systems currently on the market, said Azzurri.

Azzurri noted a tendency for buyers to get bogged down in trivial – albeit essential – details of various OS and device management platform, and to find the costs of infrastructure, maintenance, support and resources needed just to keep up with the market were too high to bear.

With ICON Mobilise, it claims, organisations can deploy the latest devices on whatever platform they wish, with management backed off to Azzurri for a monthly fee-per-device. It hopes the service will prove its mettle in deployments where internal teams lack the expertise or time to run their own MDM solutions. It will scale between 50 and 10,000 users and can be delivered either through the ICON cloud, hybrid or on-premise options. Azzurri will also offer direct helpdesk support to users if wanted.

“With MDM outsourced to Azzurri with ICON Mobilise, organisations are free to keep pace with the latest advances in mobile technology without having to worry about interoperability, device management and data security,” said Paul Fawcett, product manager, Mobility Solutions at Azzurri Communications.

“ICON Mobilise enables businesses to embrace a device-independent strategy with a trusted, expert partner to remove the day-to-day management and support burden.”

Azzurri proposed a number of potential use cases for ICON Mobilise, including customers considering whether to ditch the ailing BlackBerry ecosystem; BYOD enthusiasts; IT execs being kept awake by security; companies seeking to drive productivity and responsiveness; and those wanting to ease the burden and costs associated with mobile.

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