CDG completes software distribution divestment

CDG software distribution business spun out into independent business

Following last year’s rebranding of its software distribution activities to ISDG – Innovative Software Distribution Group – CDG has now divested itself of the unit, signing an agreement to transfer full ownership to the ISDG management team under director Donald Wasterfall.

ISDG, which counts vendors including security specialist Webroot and infrastructure management firm Egenera, claims that independence will enable it to focus more keenly on targeting new and innovative software vendors.

CDG, meanhwile is freed up to concentrate on its service provider strategy as a self-styled ‘digital integrator’ without ISDG’s reseller partners breathing down its neck.

Setting out the firm’s stall, Wasterfall said he planned to continue to invest in bringing new vendors to market “as demand for new technologies and innovative SME vendors continues to grow”.

Chris Patton, marketing director at CDG added: “[ISDG’s] management team that has come on board believes passionately in the approach that the company has had in the past, and the important role that distribution must play in promoting proven innovation and providing access to the best emerging technology vendors.

“We are committed to fulfilling the requirement that exists for digital integration services within enterprises. This is a new and distinct sector that will involve collaborating with customers, vendors and systems integrators in order to create and deliver the digital transformation programmes that are required across public and private sector organisations,” continued Patton.

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