CompTIA brings together comms, IT channels at Connected Business Expo

At Connected Business Expo in London, CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux has called for greater co-operation between telecoms and IT resellers

Todd Thibodeaux, CEO at industry association CompTIA, has been talking of the need to bring together IT and telecoms resellers at this year’s Connected Business Expo in London.

Speaking to MicroScope, Thibodeaux said CompTIA’s reach into the telecoms community was doubling year-on-year, and explained that with convergence between the communications industry and the IT sector now a fact of life, building trust between channels that up to a few years ago were largely separate, was now vital.

“There is a need to have more respect for what each other can bring to the table, to understand that telecoms is not necessarily coming to steal IT, or vice versa,” said Thibodeaux.

“Finding net new customers is much tougher than it used to be for both groups, so both sides have to go deeper,” he added. “Cloud services and platform aggregation is a good way to go about doing that.”

CompTIA, Thibodeaux suggested, was ideally placed to assist in that process through providing advice and guidance around areas such as revenue sharing plans, case study development and so on, because it had “no axe to grind in either market”.

As part of the expansion of its reach, CompTIA plans to dramatically swell the number of businesses and IT experts it can touch with the introduction of open memberships next month.

This will see the association begin to make available a number of its services for no charge, although a premium tier of subscribers will remain.

Also on its agenda is the UK roll-out of its online learning platform, CertMaster, which utilises a technique called confidence-based learning to help people absorb and retain complex technical information more effectively.

Built around risk and reward concepts similar to those found in popular video games, CertMaster is based on technology developed by US research and software development outfit Knowledge Factor – and employs neuroscience developed by Nobel prize-winner Erik Kandel.

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