Telstra Global highlights risk of cloud stagnation

Customers who are not helped to exploit the cloud face losing out to the competition according to Telstra Global

Warnings to the channel that ignoring the cloud could be fatal are sounding more convincing with evidence mounting that sticking to a traditional physical tin sale approach could be reaching its sell by date as a reseller business model.

The first day of the Cloud Expo conference in London included a couple of calls for the channel to start to adopt more cloud services in order to remain competitive and protect future earnings.

The founder of Outsourcery Piers Linney used his keynote to urge the channel to invest in a cloud specialist to drive through change and elsewhere Nathan Bell, director of marketing, products and pricing at Telstra Global was also sounding warnings about the competitive risks of standing still and not being able to help customers exploit the latest technology.

“Traditionally many enterprises have used in-house infrastructure or collocated with an external data centre provider, yet an evolution is on the horizon with providers now developing and offering cloud-enabled managed hosting,” added Bell. “If companies do not embrace this new development, they are in jeopardy of falling behind their competitors.”

Bell warned that those customers that were not able to move with the times would lose out, particularly up against some of their rivals coming out of strongly growing emerging markets.

Comments about the changing landscape echoed those from Linney, who said that those that had doubted the cloud was going to change the market could find themselves left behind.

"I'm sure five years ago there were people in the DVD rental market who thought that was a great place to be but then technology changed it," he said.

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