General public remain in the dark over cloud technology

Research from 123.reg has found that the vast majority of consumers do not understand cloud computing

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Despite the publicity, vendor marketing and numerous discussions between resellers and customers the level of understanding of cloud technology among the general public remains low.

Having found that knowledge was not very high this time last year the domain registrar 123-reg went back to find out if things had improved with its research throwing up some disappointing results.

Just shy of three quarters of those quizzed in the survey felt they could talk about cloud with any confidence and 36% admitted they had barely any understanding of what the technology was.

The results indicate that there continues to be a need for greater education with more work to be done by the industry if the message about cloud computing benefits are to become totally mainstream.

“Cloud grows in popularity with each year that passes in business spheres with business owners taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability that it brings – but members of the general public do not (knowingly) share this enthusiasm, despite the popularity of the term across the technology and consumer market," said Matt Mansell, 123-reg’s managing director.

“For consumers it’s the end result that matters. The majority of people simply want innovative applications that can offer a smooth user experience on a range of devices. This does, though, have implications for how technology companies sell and market their products. Rather than waxing on about consumer clouds, businesses marketing their ‘cloudy’ products should focus on those messages,” he concluded.

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