Customers overlooking PC upgrade options has found that customers are buying new PCs rather than upgrading existing hardware

Customers appear to be happier buying a new PC asking Santa for something that is straight off the production line swapping out their existing hardware rather than upgrading existing machines.

There seems to be a failure by many customers, particularly those in the South East, to consider upgrading machines rather than buying new according to research carried out by

The firm found that in the South East the idea of buying new was most common with users in that part of the UK most likely to replace both gadgets and household appliances over the festive period.

The most common reason that users gave for wanting to replace a machine was because of slow running and sluggish start-up times and the idea of replacing memory to improve performance seemed to have passed most customers by.

"As people look to buy new gadgets and home appliances this Christmas, such as their home computers, many don’t realise there is a simple way to increase the performance of an aging computer - by installing more memory. For a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire computer, a memory upgrade is a simple, do-it-yourself way to increase responsiveness, and extend the life of your system," said computer upgrade specialist Roddy Mclean.

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