Samsung Note sales show growth in phablet demand

Having broken through the 10m unit sales barrier with the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung has demonstrated a growing demand for phablet products

Samsung has claimed that sales of its Galaxy Note 3 phablet to the channel have broken through the 10m unit barrier in just two months since it was launched making it one of the most successful smart phone launches for the vendor.

The success of the Galaxy Note 3 also indicates that the phablet market, where products are around the 5 to 7 inch size, is also proving to be a hit with customers that are looking for tablet functionality combined with the portability of a phone.

Growth in demand in the Asian market has been driving the growth with IDC earlier this year revealing that phablets had overtaken tablet and portable PC shipments in the territory in the second quarter of this year.

Samsung had kicked off the market with the launch back in 2011 of its Galaxy Note, which at the time gave it a 90% share of the market, but it has since been joined by rivals and now commands less than 50% of the Asian market.

Announcing that the Galaxy Note 3 had become the latest product to break the 10m barrier the firm used an infographic to list its roster of high selling phones and raise the question over what will ship well next year.

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