HP hands seasoned exec Bladen UK public sector hotseat

Long-serving HP employee Stuart Bladen takes over the post of lead for its UK public sector business.

HP has named Stuart Bladen, a seven-year company staffer, the post of UK Public Sector Lead, taking control of a significant chunk of its Enterprise Services business.

Previously responsible for HP’s EMEA Applications and Business Services business and, more recently, the Benefits and Tax sub-sector and DWP Account within UKPS since mid-2012, Bladen has also served time at PwC, Unisys and Hitachi.

HP is one of the larger public sector suppliers in the UK, and the role will see Bladen take charge of its entire remit across both local and central government, including defence, benefits and tax, communities, home and foreign affairs.

“We recognise that our position as one of the Government’s largest IT suppliers and the custodian of some of their most critical systems is a privilege, and one which we have an obligation to continually re-earn,” said Bladen.

“Our goal is to ensure we remain one of their most trusted partners for policy enablement. We will do this by continuing to align our business with the government’s ICT strategies and policies, and to provide our clients with excellent service and demonstrable value for money.”

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