Phoenix launches HP-based cloud service

Hosting company Phoenix has launched an HP-based ‘off-the-shelf’ infrastructure designed to deliver IT services via the cloud

Hosting company Phoenix has launched an ‘off-the-shelf’ infrastructure designed to deliver IT services via the cloud. Dubbed CloudSure UK, the company says the service is designed to meet the most common requests of customers for ready-to-go cloud-based services.

CloudSure UK is targeted at mid and upper market organisations and is designed to deliver servers, storage, memory, software licensing and bandwidth. There are five core services based on the number of users. The first is for up to 100 users and the larger is designed for 1,000 plus users. 

Phoenix says that within each package customers have a choice of operating systems, directory services, file and print services, database and mail services.  

The service is based on HP's Converged Cloud, using Cloud Service Automation. Phoenix says that access to this technology allows it to provision complex infrastructure and applications quickly; reducing the time it takes to bring services to market. 

As a partner in the HP CloudAgile Program, Phoenix has access to HP’s sales force, cloud technology roadmaps and go-to-market support.

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