Acronis builds mobile reseller base

As it extends its reach into the mobile security space Acronis has built up its partner base with skills in that area

Acronis continues to build relationships with mobility specialists in the channel as it enhances its offering in the BYOD security space with the latest version of its file-sharing product.

The vendor has been extending its channel network actively recruiting mobility specialists since March, when it took a conscious decision to widen its routes to market beyond its established partner base.

With the launch of its mobilEcho 5.0 product, which provides secure file access, synching and sharing on mobile devices, the strategy has provided the vendor with a partner base to reach out to customers struggling with BYOD.

"We have a large number of partners across Europe and have been working with a lot of mobility specialists. In March we started a programme to recruit mobility specialists that might be different to the traditional resellers," said Anders Lofgren, vice president of product management at Acronis.

"We have recruited hundreds of new partners across Europe over the last few months," he added that some were a mixture of new entrants to the market as well as established players that had extended their own reach to be in a position to support customer mobility needs.

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