Canalys tips software and wearable computing for growth

Using software as a differentiator and extending apps into the more personal wearable PC market should provide fertile ground for the channel

The growing importance of software and the emergence of wearable computers were two of the main opportunities for the channel identified in the main keynote at the Canalys Channel Forum.

The event, which is running in Barcelona for the next couple of days, has seen the Canalys president and CEO Steve Brazier use his keynote as a platform to highlight areas that the channel should be looking at closely in the future.

Last year he highlighted the need for resellers to move into application development and this time around the spread of software and the chance to sell wearable computing solutions into verticals like the health and fitness sector were his future picks.

On the software front Brazier argued that the technology was moving well beyond its traditional markets, which he said remained largely stable with low growth, into areas that were using applications to add value to a range of products including cars as well as the wearable computing space.

"Every company has to be a software company," he added "Software in the operations space has been around for a long time and it is reliable, flat and stable. More exciting innovation in product differentation as lots of companies redefine their business with software."

"We are in the early stages [of wearable computing] but there will be small computing devices that are probably connected by  Bluetooth to a smart phone or tablet," he said.

Brazier told the assembled reseller audience that the results of software growth would be the generation of more data and pressure on the network, both areas that they could get involved with helping customers solve problems.

Another tip from Brazier was for resellers to keep an eye on the 3D printing market, which is growing strongly, and has the potential to become more of a mainstream product in the future.

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