IDC predicts spending on mobile ERP will rise

IDC expects that spending on mobile platforms and business applications will continue to rise as more firms put aside budget to pay for investments in those areas

There should be a rapid increase in the amount of users taking advantage of mobile ERP applications as that side of the software market gets tro take advantage of the consumerisation trend.

With more staff becoming mobile IDC has identified growing rates of adoption of flexible ERP solutions as well as more budget being set aside to fund investments in the technology.

The analyst house identified that users are looking to invest in rolling out smartphones, tablets and the enterprise apps that will run across those platforms, although the findings also revealed that almost half of those firms quizzed have no strategy around mobility.

Mobile enterprise player IFS sponsored the IDC survey and it was particularly struck by the number of customers that had yet to formulate a mobile apps strategy.

“The lack of strategies for mobile solutions is surprisingly high, especially considering that all the companies in the survey have an annual revenue of 100 million dollars or more,” said Martin Gunnarsson, director of IFS’s research & strategy team.

“Mobility must not be seen as merely an IT project, but also as a strategic business development and transformation investment. Mobility is a force for competitive differentiation. To avoid costly mistakes, we recommend that companies examine and formulate their business needs in terms of key processes, systems integration, security, and device management," he added.

Jason Andersson, IDC program director, said that more mobile hardware and applications were being adopted but there continued to be a need for customers to formulate better policies to ensure security was maintained,

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