ANS boss calls for apprenticeships to be valued

Scott Fletcher the chairman and founder of ANS has called on an end to abuses of government apprenticeship schemes

The chairman and founder of ANS Group has spoken of the need for more apprenticeships in the tech sector and an end to the abuse of the current government schemes.

There is an current focus from the government and bodies including the Mayor of London and his assembly to generate more apprenticeships to try and help get young people into work.

But Scott Fletcher, the chairman and founder of ANS, has urged the industry to embrace the concept rather than allowing schemes with little value for the youngsters taking part to continue to deliver a false economy.

“It is totally unacceptable that some companies see fit to abuse government apprenticeship schemes,” said Fletcher “The future of Britain’s burgeoning tech sector is dependent upon the careful nurturing of young talent and apprenticeships are a vital part of that process."

Fletcher has been a consistent campaigner for the IT sector to do more on the apprentice front, looking to secure talent for the future.

“The IT industry is obviously fluid and businesses need to re-invent themselves every few years. There is no sitting back on past glories in our industry and young talent is the essential fuel for that re-invention,” he added.

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