PC market suffers Q3 pre-Windows 8 dip

As the world gets ready for Windows 8 the PC market across EMEA has seen a decline in the third quarter according to the latest figures from IDC

The PC market in Europe continues to remain in the doldrums with the third quarter carrying on a trend with a 7.7% year-on-year decline as the econbomic fragility keeps taking its toll.

The latest figures from IDC described the market in EMEA as "soft" with the market waiting for the excitement of Windows 8, which arrives later this month, to help pick up sales.

July and August saw the usual summer slowdown but last month vendors were getting ready for Windows 8 building systems with the operating system already installed ready for the 26 October launch.

There was weakness across the board with the consumer market down after the back-to-school rush, the enterprise space slowed as they got ready for potential migrations to Windows 8 and the SME area was susceptible to worries about the economy leading to constrained budgets.

Beatriz Martin, research analyst IDC EMEA personal computing, said that the Western Europe declined by 12.8% year-on-year, because it had been, "directly impacted by the transition in the consumer space and slowing enterprise renewals which have been supporting growth over past quarters".

"While Southern Europe remained the most constrained as expected by challenging economic conditions, demand also slowed in the countries which were holding up better so far, such as Germany or the Nordics, as the channel remained cautious, France and the UK held up better and in line with expectations at -2.5% and -6.3%, respectively," she said.

But things should pick up with the arrival of the latest range of slimbooks and Windows 8 driving activity in the consumer market and more tablets also shaking up the business customer base.

In terms of vendors HP remained the top of the pile despite being victim of the same slowdown that has impacted the rest of the market. Acer took the second slot with Lenovo coming third.

Lenovo was singled out as being one of the few vendors that saw strong growth in the third quarter and took share off its rivals driven by consumer sales as well as making a decent dent of the emerging markets in Eastern Europe.

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