Storage bottleneck should be concern for VMworld partners, says Avere

As VMworld Europe 2012 begins in Barcelona, NAS specialist Avere has warned that storage ‘bottlenecks’ in virtualised systems are becoming a serious worry

As VMworld Europe 2012 begins in Barcelona, network attached storage (NAS) optimisation specialist Avere has warned that storage ‘bottlenecks’ in virtualised systems are becoming a serious worry for many enterprises.

The firm today released its 2012 European NAS Audit to coincide with the opening of the VMworld show, and has claimed that the load placed on standard networked systems is heading for overload, with end-user business efficiency at risk.

Avere quizzed 114 EMEA storage professionals during August and September, and its findings should be of interest to partners looking to position themselves for optimum success in the virtualised storage sector.

While the economies provided by virtualisation were widely accepted by respondents, Avere found that the concentration of numerous applications on a single server was causing contention for resources.

With pure NAS solutions in use among 27% of respondents and 49% of the others running combination NAS and SAN solutions, Avere said an indication of the size of the problem was that 51% of respondents were accessing over 50TB of data, and half of those over 500TB.

“Many organisations are opting to add bigger NAS controllers and buy shelves of disk to solve their challenges [but] unfortunately these solutions are based on aging product architecture designed for an earlier era, and have translated into costly piles of gear that consumes vast amounts of datacentre space,” said Avere marketing VP Rebecca Thompson.

Avere found that just 21% of those it questioned were considering storage optimisation, with just over a quarter of respondents saying they would indeed be buying more hard disks.

A similar number suggested that adding SSD arrays could be a route around the problem, while making the switch to Fibre Channel and updating their NAS controllers also proved popular solutions, tabled by 23% and 28% respectively.

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