Amazon and Apple dominate online searches

Amazon and Apple dominate the searches made by consumers looking for tech goods to buy according to research from a digital marketing agency

Amazon dominates the online space when it comes to attracting interest in tech purchases from consumers but on the TV front Comet and Argos gave the e-retailer a strong run for its money.

On the vendor front Apple, with users searching for tablets and phones, managed to gain a 37% share of voice, according to Greenlight's latest Brown Goods sector report.

Interest in iPhone 5 eclipsed other searches, with iPad 3 also being something that users were keen on trying to gain more information about.

But searches for PCs & Laptops remained the most popular, accounting for 50% (over 3.5 million) of all brown goods-related searches with phones and accessories following with over 2.1 million searches (30% share).

The numbers from the digital marketing agency are encouraging for hardware resellers but underline just how tough the competition is when Amazon is a potential seller.

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