Cloud spending set to rise as users seek savings

TechTarget research into customer buying intentions reveals that almost three quarters of customers are planning to roll out a cloud investment in the next two years seeking efficiency gains and cost savings

Just shy of half of customers are planning to roll out cloud plans by summer next year with the amount of budget being used to support that transition also being a substantial figure resellers can try to tap up.

According to TechTarget customer buying intentions research into the cloud, the number of firms planning to buy in the next six to twelve months is 49% and over the next year to two years was 22% indicating that the vast majority of users are lining up to roll out projects fairly soon.

The budget to support those efforts is also being put in place with it being up to 20% of the total IT spend for a third of customers.

When resellers try to get their hands on that money the main things to pitch include web application hosting, email, storage and disaster recovery applications.

Also plugging the efficiency benefits and cost savings are going to be the main plus points that the research revealed customers are looking to get out of a move to the cloud.

A significant 73% expected cloud computing would deliver the chance to introduce new ptroducts and services, which could also deliver greater business efficiencies.

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