Midmarket bosses open to partnerships

IBM midmarket survey shows more willingness from midmarket CEOs to form partnerships with third-parties to gain a commercial advantage

Midmarket CEOs are more open to the idea of partnerships and collaborative working relationships with third party suppliers.

IBM has investigated the current demands of midmarket firms and found that there is a growing interest in partnership with 70% planning to do so extensively with those external relationships also feeding into business strategy.

Technology is being seen as not just a way to increase and improve collaboration but also to support the creation of new relationships.

In addition there is a growing recognition that technology has become more complex and the need for external support has become more critical if firms are to remain competitive.

In addition to discovering more of an appetite for partnerships the IBM study revealed that as part of wider ambitions to become more agile the midmarket was turning to social media platforms to communicate with staff and customers.

Only 15% of midmarket CEOs are currently using social media tools like Twitter but that level is expected to increase to 50% within the next three to five years.

"Midmarket CEOs are establishing more open and collaborative cultures - in which employees not only connect more with each other and the outside world to innovate, but to reinvent themselves," said Andy Monshaw, general manager of IBM midmarket business.

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