Network overhaul needed to boost remote working capabilities

Managed services provider Calyx has responded to this week's annual CBI and Harvey Nash employment trends survey, which talked up the growing importance of flexible working to UK businesses.

Managed services provider Calyx has responded to this week's annual CBI and Harvey Nash employment trends survey, which talked up the growing importance of flexible working to UK businesses.

The report said that 96 per cent of UK employers now offer some form of flexible working arrangement - such as part-time working or compressed hours - and in around 59 per cent of firms remote working is now a far more viable option, up from 13 per cent in 2006.

Although the CBI's report was clear that this trend is going to continue to increase, Calyx CTO Joe Mayhew argued that there are many more down the line benefits of flexible working that require a more comprehensive network overhaul, which the report does not consider.

Mayhew said more firms would need to start configuring their technology to run over integrated LANs or WANs, or even take the leap into full-scale UC platforms.

Companies that properly converge networks will then enable mobile calls to be routed across the corporate LAN, reducing telephony costs and staff expenses, among other things.

Mayhew said: "The survey highlights many important issues; however we feel there are further possibilities that have not been considered, especially as IT managers often overlook the additional benefits from improvement of their existing networks."

"In addition, operations moved into the cloud see further cost savings as a result," he added.

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