NuoDB 4.0 beats drum for cloud-native cloud-agnosticism

Distributed SQL database company NuoDB has reached its version 4.0 iteration… and aligned further to core open source cloud platform technologies.

The new release expands cloud-native and cloud-agnostic capabilities with support for Kubernetes Operators and Google Cloud and Azure public clouds. 

This includes the recently announced Kubernetes Operator, a technology designed to simplify and automate database deployments in Red Hat OpenShift. 

The Operator uses NuoDB Admin, a simplified management tier that includes a REST API designed to improve database lifecycle management of NuoDB for cloud and container environments. 

NOTE: According to CoreOS, an Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes application. A Kubernetes application is an application that is both deployed on Kubernetes and managed using the Kubernetes APIs and kubectl tooling. You can think of Operators as the runtime that manages this type of application on Kubernetes.

Also in this release, in addition to supporting Amazon Web Services, NuoDB is now certified for both Azure and Google Cloud Platform… which, arguably, is cloud-agnosticism in motion. 

In addition to the new REST API, NuoDB Admin includes easier database restart by automatically managing the restart order, more granular and simpler client connection load balancing with the use of process labels, plus also… there’s improved diagnostics and domain state metrics.

Say yes to the index

NuoDB 4.0 also includes indexing improvements, such as added support for online index creation and expression-based indexes. 

NOTE: Online index creation enables users to create indexes without impacting application availability. Expression-based indexes enable users to create indexes based on general expression and functions, improving performance for queries using expressions or functions. 

“From an operational perspective, NuoDB 4.0 includes improvements to how NuoDB is packaged and distributed. Delivery of the database is now separate from all drivers and some client utilities. A new client package now provides all supported drivers and client utilities, including full support for LDAP authentication. In addition, network encryption has been upgraded to TLS 1.2 using customer provided certificate keys. Learn how to set up TLS in your NuoDB database,” said Ariff Kassam, VP of product at NuoDB.

Finally, Kassam notes that 4.0 offers improved index creation performance, up to 50% faster than previous versions of the database. 



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