New Relic & Grafana champion clear & open views into operational data

Everyone is talking about observability, it’s the new ‘must have’ in the abstract world of cloud.

New Relic actually called itself an observability platform company.

The organisation is now working with Grafana Labs (an open source dashboarding specialist) to drive advanced open instrumentation and visibility for developers and software teams.

Prometheus (an open-source event monitoring system with a dimensional data model) users can use the Prometheus ‘remote write’ capability to send metric data directly to New Relic’s Telemetry Data Platform with a single configuration change.

Grafana open source users can now add the New Relic Telemetry Data Platform as a Grafana data source using Grafana’s native Prometheus data source. 

“This enables teams to enjoy New Relic’s up-to 13 months of retention for their Prometheus metrics while continuing to use their existing Grafana dashboards and alerts. With New Relic’s new PromQL-style syntax, Prometheus users no longer need to learn a new query language,” notes New Relic, in a press statement.

Additionally, Grafana Enterprise customers using Grafana’s New Relic data source plugin will enjoy updates designed to support New Relic’s latest NRQL capabilities. The plugin enables users to query any data stored in the Telemetry Data Platform using New Relic’s native query language to build dashboards in Grafana Enterprise. 

“We know that organisations have complex technology and vendor ecosystems and our goal at Grafana Labs is to ensure they can get to that elusive “single pane of glass”, no matter where their data is stored. As the creators of Grafana and one of the top contributors to Prometheus, we are excited to formalise our relationship with New Relic and welcome them into the Prometheus and Grafana ecosystems,” said Raj Dutt, CEO and co-founder, Grafana Labs.

New Relic and Grafana Labs have committed to driving better cross-functionality between the two companies, so joint customers can benefit from using New Relic and Grafana together.


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